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Water polo 2018 E-mail
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сряда, 29 август 2018


  SENTESH (HUN) - 2018

PART 1.  Pictures are from the first day.

PART 2.  Pictures are from the second day.

PART 3.  Pictures are from the third day.

WaPoSen18-1-2 22 WaPoSen18-1-1 42WaPoSen18-1-1 90WaPoSen18-1-1 109

WaPoSen18-1-2 112WaPoSen18-1-2 134 WaPoSen18-1-2 100WaPoSen18-1-7 114

WaPoSen18-1-3 107WaPoSen18-1-4 133WaPoSen18-1-5 7 WaPoSen18-1-3 84

 WaPoSen18-1-5 81WaPoSen18-1-6 95WaPoSen18-1-5 85WaPoSen18-1-5 97

  SENTESH (HUN) 2018 .

 The 15th edition of one of the most powerful water polo tournaments in Europe took place in the wonderful water complex near Sentesh (Hungary). There were 37 teams (Hungary, Israel, Great Britain, China, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Finland, Moldova, Canada, etc.). The teams were divided into 6 age groups. Wonderful conditions, lots of smiles and wonderful sports moments saw the fans of this wonderful sport. The organization, in the face of the tournament chief Josef Kadar, was on a high level! Two Bulgarian teams took part: KPS "Varna" and "Botev" (Vratsa). KPS "Varna" released three teams of the competition - two with boys and one with girls! The Bulgarian athletes won prizes and the best players were awarded special cups ! Thanks for the invitation and the cooperation !

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  RIJEKA (CRO) - 2018


DivCom18-1-1 166 DivCom18-1-2 122DivCom18-1-1 17DivCom18-1-1 33

 DivCom18-1-9 15DivCom18-1-2 179DivCom18-1-2 187DivCom18-1-3 41

DivCom18-1-9 21DivCom18-1-9 106 DivCom18-1-3 67DivCom18-1-6 147

 DivCom18-1-5 5

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 VARNA (BUL) - 2018

  PART 1. and PART 2.

 sswimVar18-2-7 109sswimVar18-2-10 23sswimVar18-2-10 11sswimVar18-2-10 106

sswimVar18-1-1 11sswimVar18-1-1 34sswimVar18-1-1 2sswimVar18-1-1 47

  sswimVar18-1-1 73sswimVar18-1-5 51sswimVar18-1-1 99sswimVar18-1-2 159

 sswimVar18-1-6 15

VARNA (BUL) 2018 .

 "Cherno more" finished in the first place in a complex team ranking from the championship for juniors III  (13-14 years old) at the outdoor 50m swimming pool "Primorski" in Varna. The Varna team collected 357.69 points in the league's active. Second place was the team of "Levski" (Sofia) with 289.37 points and the third place on the honorable ladder was for  "Sandanski" with 248.06 points. On the last day of the championship two national records were placed .

Thanks for the invitation and the cooperation!

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 WrShk18-6 38WrShk18-1 30WrShk18-1 39WrShk18-6 48

 WrShk18-1 15WrShk18-5 61WrShk18-4 45WrShk18-1 51WrShk18-4 44


 The Beach Wrestling Tournament under the patronage of the Mayor of Dolni chiflik Krassimira Anastasova took place in the Shkorpilovtsi Resort. About 120 contestants from teams from Bourgas, Varna, Stara Zagora, Lovech, Simeonovgrad, Karnobat, as well as the two teams, representatives of the municipality of Dolni chiflik -  "Kamchia" and  "Ticha" took part in the tournament. A special guest of the sporting event was the World and European Wrestling Champion and current President of BWF Hristo Marinov.

Thanks for the invitation and the cooperation !

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